Enthralled by Shadows

    I’ve always had a thing for monsters. That’s why I started my costume shop. And I know what you’re thinking: Geez, Bee, a free three-story building in the middle of LA is obviously going to have a major catch. You know what I expected? Maybe some wonky plumbing, bad neighbors… a few ghosts, even. I didn’t expect a portal to a monster-god prison would be in the basement. Or that I’d be seduced by shadows. And after they bring me pleasure I’ll never be able to recreate, they drop the real catch: The monsters are breaking out. Wait ’til you hear how I’m supposed to fix it. Enthralled by Shadows is a short prequel to Sacrificed to Monster Gods, a 13-part mostly-standalone erotic monster romance series. The story of Bee and Nothing will be completed in the final book. Read more