• Young Adult

    Effective Ways To Enhance Your Problem – Solving Skills: How To Gain Clarity And Solve A Problem Fast, And Be The Best Version Of Yourself

    The methods of the quality approach are not reserved only for engineers or methodological experts. By writing this book, Laudence Nickerson wanted to offer a practical, accurate, precise and effective approach to problem solving. This simple technique, didactic and educational, will allow you to permanently eradicate the problems you encounter in your professional, social and personal life. This book is an infallible and formidable toolbox for everyone to learn to organize, without haste or confusion, a logical sequence of ideas leading to sure reliable solutions, credible, but above all operational and applicable. It is therefore intended for a very wide audience: students, business leaders or team and project leaders, managers of multidisciplinary teams, managers of services or associations, etc. It has been designed to accompany you on winding roads and fraught with difficulties of constructive reflection. This book, for sure, will become your guardian angel, the one who watches over your shoulder.Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn:The Paradox Of Extremely Smart PeopleThe Top 20 Qualities Of Smart PeopleThe Basics Of Problem SolvingThe Effective Hazards To Problem Solving4 Brain Exercises To Enhance Your Problem Solving SkillsHow To Gain Confidence And Deal With ProblemsHow To Make Smart Investment DecisionHow To Cope With Failure The Smart Way In LifeAnd So On Happy reading, I hope enjoy this book.