• Young Adult

    The Witch of the Meadows

    Discover a world of winged wizards and a girl with a green thumb in “The Witch of the Meadows.” Follow Fern on her quest to save her family’s land, navigate tricky wizard politics, and uncover a deep secret. Join the journey of magic-wielders as they restore their connections to nature and community in this clean and wholesome cozy fantasy.
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Unraveling, Volume One of the Luminated Threads: a Steampunk Fantasy Romance

    Ingenious Victorian contraptions. Enchanted farmlands. Can a struggling orphan switch gears and run full steam into freedom? England, 1868. Nineteen-year-old Annmar Masterson refuses to be an underpaid pawn in a lecherous businessman’s steam-engine factory. Escaping the boss’s advances by taking an advertising job in the country, the young illustrator is astonished when she discovers the rural valley is rife with magical creatures. Her wonder turns to horror when the night guard shifters and their handsome polecat leader are nearly killed by a mysterious swarm of crop-eating pests. Accustomed to her prim and proper former lifestyle, Annmar worries not even her blossoming magic will help her fit into the rowdy farming community. But when the out-of-place city girl heals the flirtatious guardian, she sparks a powerful connection…making her rare power the target of an evil mastermind. Will she find a new home in the arms of the coy shifter, or will the wild magic of Blighted Basin prove as dangerous as the city? The Unraveling begins a novice mage’s eye-opening discovery in volume one of The Luminated Threads serialized historical fantasy saga. Buy The Unraveling to follow a thrilling thread today! Note: The Unraveling is the 1st story in a serialized novel. It ends on a mild cliffhanger. The Luminated Threads saga:The Unraveling, Volume OneThe Twisting, Volume TwoThe Binding, Volume Three If you like majestic atmospheres, heart-wrenching cliffhangers, and a touch of steampunk romance, then you’ll love Laurel Wanrow’s stunning saga.