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    Meet the Moms (Matchmaking Moms of Oceanview Church Book 1)

    A light-hearted, faith-filled, fun series that will make you smile and warm your heart. Moms go the distance! New from Laurie Larsen, Award-winning author of Inspirational Romance: Matchmaking Moms of Oceanview Church. A team of mothers determined to covertly jumpstart the stalled love lives of their adult children. Book 1: Meet the Moms Dahlia, Lily and Rose attend a Bible Study at Oceanview Church. As an introductory exercise, the leader encourages them to dig deep and discover one thing they have in common. After sharing, they discover one interesting fact: they all have adult children who, for various reasons, are striking out in the love department. So, the ladies form a covert team of matchmakers and take matters into their own hands. Of course, their efforts have to be secretive because their kids would never go for it if they knew. Will the moms be successful finding matches for Winston the Loner, Isabelle the Workaholic and Micah the Playboy, while remaining in the shadows? Matchmaking Moms of Oceanview Church Book 1: Meet the Moms (releases June 7, 2020) Book 2: Finding Love for the Loner (releases July 7, 2020) Book 3: Finding Love for the Workaholic (releases August 7, 2020) Book 4: Finding Love for the Playboy (releases September 7, 2020) Book 5: Finding Love for the Matchmaker (releases October 7, 2020) Meet the Moms is a short prologue novella that kick-starts the series. This fun, fast-paced, inspirational romance series awaits you! Buy all five books today or read them for free through Kindle Unlimited.