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    Hoodoo Book of Spells for Beginners: Easy and Effective Rootwork, Conjuring, and Protection Spells for Healing and Prosperity (Hoodoo Secrets 1)

    Are You Ready to Harness the Power of One of The Greatest Magics? A powerful force that’s ideal when it comes to holding negativity at bay, promoting positivity in all areas in your life, offering protection to the things you love, and ultimately taking control of your destiny.This is your guide to Hoodoo magic. If you’ve ever felt under pressure in your life, out of control, as though you’re losing touch on everything, overwhelmed, stressed, or just as though everything is against you, this book has fallen into your hands exactly when it was meant to. It’s time to tap into the power source already existing with you to take it all back. Within the following chapters and passages of Hoodoo Book of Spells for Beginners, Layla Moon takes you on a journey into your heritage to one of the most enlightening magics around today. For a beginner, this is the perfect companion for getting started. You’ll gain valuable insight into the history of this magic, its origins, and some clear ideas of what this magic is capable of, as well as some guidance on how you can prepare to use it in your own life. You’ll also discover; How to get started with Hoodoo in your day-to-day life How to use conjuration spells to manifest the life you want to live How casting protection spells can help you withstand the toughest of times Break cycles of bad luck and promote good fortune throughout your life Encourage prosperity and financial stability How to heal using Hoodoo magic, both short-term and long-term traumas and troubles Remove curses and banish pain, suffering, and negativity from your life How you can use intention thinking to change everything you could ever imagine And so much more… This book covers everything you need to know when starting out, plus, you’ll get to learn Layla’s personal insights and stories from her own magical experiences. Through trials and tribulations, Layla managed to carve her way out of some of the darkest times, and now she’s sharing what she learned with you, hoping to make the journey a little easier to all those who heed her words. When you feel the time is ready, and you want to dive into this world of Hoodoo magic and all the benefits it can bring into your life, click that “BUY NOW” button and begin. Read more
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    Spirit Guides for Beginners: How to Hear the Universe’s Call and Communicate with Your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angels (Law of Attraction Secrets Book 1)

    Have You Ever Felt the Call of the Universe? If you’ve ever lacked a sense of direction, a sense of purpose, felt torn down by your struggles and hardships, or just wanted something more, then there’s a reason this book has found a way into your life. You’ve heard a call from the universe. You are the universe, and the universe is you. You are experiencing yourself, which means that everything that ever exists is behind you when it comes to living the life you want to live, overcoming any adversity you encounter, and manifesting anything you want. Layla Moon will take you on a journey into the world of cosmic energy, detailing some of the most enlightening and freeing lessons within the pages of Spirit Guides for Beginners. Some of the most important lessons a mortal human being could ever learn. Guided by Moon herself, inspired by her own experiences and knowledge that has been passed down by hundreds of generations for thousands of years, you’ll discover everything you need to know to; Understanding what the call of the universe is How to hear and comprehend it Knowing who and what your spirit guides and guardian angels are Learning how to connect, start a conversation, and listen to your guides How to manifest your dreams with the help of the cosmic source Learning how to start living the life you want to live And so much more… While aimed as a beginner’s guide to help you get started on your journey to reconnect with your inner self and who you really are, a being of energy at one with all, this book is a detailed step-by-step journey that creates one of the most solid foundations there is for spiritual people living in the modern world. With solid insight laced with personal experience, Layla’s masterful guide is ideal for anyone looking to start their own spiritual journey. Not only does she explain how everything works and how the spiritual universe operates, but she does so in an effortless-to-understand way that anybody can grasp. In a world that’s seemingly upside down, with crazy things happening all the time, anxiety, stress, dissatisfaction, and disconnect at an all-time high, Layla’s guide is undoubtedly a welcome one in the lives of many, yourself included. If you’ve ever experienced your own instinctual call from the universe and you didn’t know what to do with it, or you’ve been seeking answers, but you’re unsure where to start, this book is the perfect place to get started. When you’re ready to begin this journey yourself, scroll up to the top of the page, click Buy Now, and begin. Read more