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    For Anyone to See (An Olivia Hutchinson Mystery Book 1)

    My name is Olivia Hutchinson, but you can call me Hutch. I’m the owner of a fine establishment called For Anyone to See, which just happens to be an all male strip club. And if stories about strippers and murder and crime and sex make you squirmy, you should probably stop reading. Right now. I mean it. Just close up this book and go find something more wholesome to read. But if you do decide to stick around, I think we’ll have a good time. Actually, our good time will have to wait until after I find out a few things: 1. Who stole my mother’s life savings and murdered one of my strippers. 2. Why my former “friend-with-benefits” is following me around. 3. Why one of my performers thinks it’s a good idea to change his stage name to “Lick-a-lot-a-puss.” But once all those little mysteries are cleared up, I promise we are going to have a blast. Cover by Littera Cover Designs Read more