• Paranormal

    Our Lucky Day: A Charmed Cougar Chronicle

    When Queen Hera and a Druid high-priestess ogle me, something shrivels. . . Not exactly who I’d hoped would yank my naked ass out of the equivalent of purgatory. But then, one doesn’t question Hera, queen of the gods, and live for long. They promise to return me to my beloved. My beautiful and brilliant, Aleah. She’s forty and feisty. Exotic and white-hot. I crave her touch like an addict, even though there’s no way for us to be together. The candle of my mortal life was snuffed out. And there’s no coming back from that. Or is there? The old girls are giving me a chance to see Aleah again . . . under one condition. Turns out Aleah is the last of the Nephilim and is also the Chosen. And here’s the fine print—me and my two brothers are all her fated mates. No longer Aleah’s one and only, I’ll be part of a harem. It’s that or spend eternity in the dark abyss where I’d been sent to cool my heels. Believe it or not, love had landed me in this mess. And I would do anything, including sharing Aleah, to bask in the sunlight of her love again. But, I’m wasting time. I agree to the ladies’ terms. The bonds of Aleah’s love transformed me once, and I’m ready to start the next chapter.__________USA Today bestselling author Lilith Darville brings you this prequel to the sinful Masters from Afterlife paranormal romance series featuring three hard-to-handle angels, a midlife fated mate, and one snarky ghost. It has a cliffhanger and all kinds of magic shenanigans. If you like sassy heroines, sexy men, and tantalizing temptations, then you’ll adore this darkly delicious shared love fantasy.