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    Pressure Canning Without the Danger: Your Comprehensive Guide to Safely Using Your Pressure Canner. With Tips, Tricks, and USDA Guidelines to Help You … (Food Preservation & Canning Mastery)

    Pressure Can and Preserve Like an Expert! – Your All-In-One Guide That Will Guide You on the Proper Procedures and Safety Measures for a Smooth Canning Experience Through the years, pressure canners have earned a bad rep. They’ve had a negative connotation attached to them which causes many people to miss out on its amazing uses. There are just so many ways it can go wrong and just as many guides with outdated information that just misinform and put you at risk. I’m sure you’ve heard of horror stories, from exploding lids to boiling water explosions. But lucky for you, you’ve finally found a book with up-to-date information, reliable timings, and accurate measurements that all come from a reliable source! What better way to master the art of pressure canning than with a seasoned canning veteran. With plenty of years of experience, and her fair share of trial and errors, author Linda Johnson is here to save the day! In this book, you’ll discover: How to choose the best pressure canner: Receive guidance and advice on which brand and size will suit your needs best. Accurate information: Everything in the book is up-to-date and accurate! Never worry about misinformation ever again. How to keep your appliance new: Learn the best ways to ensure that your appliance works like it’s brand new, even after years! Sugar-free information: Know exactly what you’re getting into and what to look out for. Get expert safety tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable time while canning your food. Master the basics: Be guided every step of the way and become a master at pressure canning by the end of this book! Learn how to safely pressure can your favorite vegetables, meat, and stock. Pressure canning made safe and easy: Don’t worry about exploding cans or accidentally hurting yourself while canning. Find fool-proof ways to make your pressure canning as safe as possible! Pressure canning your favorite foods no longer has to be so scary. Step into a world of insane convenience by learning everything you need to know about your appliance! Scroll up, Click on “Buy Now”, and Start Today! Read more