• Young Adult

    All the Little Things: a Small Town Horse Racing Romance

    “A perfect balance between a horse story, romance and everyday life.” – Amazon reviewer.“A perfect summer read – it can stand alone well and yet fits in with Good Things Come beautifully.” – Amazon reviewer. Faye Taylor grew up in the world of Thoroughbred horse racing, though she’s afraid of the animals herself. She stays in the background, balancing the cost of feed against the horses’ earnings (or lack thereof) and couldn’t handicap a race to save her life. It’s provided her with a home, albeit not the most stable one, and a steady supply of non-relationships — just the kind she likes. Now she’s trying to get over the jockey she made the mistake of falling for, she’s losing her biggest client, and possibly her best friend — and the Thoroughbred farm she and her brother inherited isn’t having a stellar year. The racing world that’s given her the life she’s come to know is looking even less stable than usual. When the opportunity to take over a local café presents itself, Faye sees a chance to start something new. Then along comes Will Callaghan, a complete outsider to the racing game. He’s both too tall and too nice — but he’ll make a fine reset button for the disaster that is currently her life. While she clues him into her strange world, he starts breaking off pieces of the shield she’s created to protect herself from her past. Faye is sure she can keep Will where she wants him. She’ll enjoy his part-time band, his part-time cat, and his baking skills might come in handy at the café. She’s not looking to get attached. But all the little things are starting to add up into something more. ♥ Bonus — includes recipes for Butter Tarts and Butter Tart Squares, because that kind of Canadian goodness needs to be shared. ♥ Read the whole series! Bright, Broken Things (Good Things Come Prequel Book 0.5) Good Things Come (Good Things Come Book 1) All The Little Things (Good Things Come Book 2) All Good Things (Good Things Come Book 3) This Good Thing (Good Things Come Book 4) Merry Little Things (Good Things Come Book 5) All The Best Things (Good Things Come Book 6) Read more