• Paranormal

    Winter’s Edge (The Crimson Winter Reverse Harem Book 1)

    She’s blind. And she’s being hunted. Aika Song must make an important delivery through the cursed Crimson Forest for her injured father. If she doesn’t, they won’t survive the hard winter. She fails. But she’s rescued by wolf shifters who somehow give her sight. There’s beautiful, funny Archer who can’t quite hide his pain. Grady who’s sullen and loud. And Thomas, their alpha, who mysteriously vanishes. Aika is desperate to get back home but finds herself entangled in her father’s secrets. He has enemies. So do the wolf shifters she feels a blooming fondness for.  And all their enemies are circling closer to their prey. With her wolves’ help, Aika will have to stay one step ahead if she’s to survive Winter’s Edge. Read more