• Romance

    His Secret Muse: A Billionaire Romance (His Muse Book 1)

    Women are puppets to him – easy to handle, easy to conquer.Not me, though. Cedric Crow, the aloof and mysterious thriller and suspense writer, a star with millions of fans and billions in his bank account.He is used to have women at his feet, worshipping his every move, his every word. I had it coming when I dared to roll my eyes at his narcissistic ramblings.But I didn’t expect him to go after me like this. He wants me. All of me.Submitting to him does something to me that I haven’t felt in a long time.It confuses me. It excites me. He wakes me from a slumber that has cast a damp over my dull life. But can I trust this new found happiness? **His Secret Muse is a full-length novel with hot and heavy BDSM – you’ve been warned. No cheating and a guaranteed HEA.**