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    His Devil’s Desire (Club Devil’s Cove Book 1)

    TOP SHELF INDIE BOOK AWARD NOMINEE 2019GOLDEN FLOGGER NOMINEE 2018 “Why do I get the feeling that you’re indulging me, Samantha?”Her eyes widened innocently. “Me, indulge you? You should be so lucky. Oh no, this is all self-indulgence.” Rhone has ducked trouble many times. As an undercover agent, you see a lot of shit. But this time trouble came wrapped up in an alluringly seductive package. Samantha Frazer. She’s good with her hands . . . er, at carving wood. She’s even better with her mouth . . . huh . . . snippy little thing. Also, her aim is dead centre. She’s gunning for his heart, in more ways than one. From the moment Samantha lays eyes on . . . um . . . all of him, she’s hooked. Rhone Greer is mouth-watering. He’s also one of the owners of Club Devil’s Cove and the most compelling Dom she’d ever met. He’s hot, controlling and hungry . . . for her. Desire and manipulation make strange bed partners as Rhome and Samantha combust between the sheets. The game is on. Who will bite? Who’ll get devoured? Unbeknownst, a sinister plot is underfoot and everyone is a target. As ghosts from the past resurface, there is only one question to be asked. Who will live . . . who will die? Read more