• Young Adult

    Talismans (The Wise Ones Book 1)

    Amnesia plagues Owailion, the Awakened One. After meeting the gargantuan dragon, Mohan, he becomes his apprentice. As the realm-guarding dragons prepare to enter hibernation for a thousand years, Owailion is tasked to protect the land from invaders. Gifted with powerful magic, he will be alone; the only human sealed off from the rest of the world. Aided by a mysterious woman from his dreams, Owailion soon learns that his powers have their limits. He can conjure anything, speak with minds across vast distances and move instantly anywhere he desires – but can he control his own fate? Praise: ★★★★★ – “An exceptionally well-crafted, imaginative read.” ★★★★★ – “I look forward to continuing on the journey of the Wise Ones.” Read more