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    Polarized Love Act One: A Christian Romantic Novella (Single Again)

    Novella version: A fun, romantic encounter on the shores of Rottnest Island. An American Navy chaplain meets a feisty Australian journalist investigating the Quokka mystery. Why are the rare marsupials dying on the Island? Will the handsome American, Lachlan Peters, help Beth Michaels with her cause or distract her from her mission? Act One of Polarized Love. Six Chapters.REVIEWSA tale of second chances, sweeping romance, and learning to follow God’s path, Polarized Love will take you on a romantic adventure that you must not miss. Tabitha Bouldin, author of Mishaps off the Mainland Polarized Love is a great book to read, about something that seems like an impossible love. Two people are very attracted to each other but is it wise to start a relationship? A nice christian book. Ellen, Reviewer from Holland The full novel is Polarized Love (Single Again Book 3)