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    Castin’ All The Stones (The Persia Oakes Series Book 1)

    Persia Oakes is the kind of daughter that every preacher prays for—a young lady who is firm in her faith and diligent in her work. To her, the grass has got to be greener on the other side. She dreads the thought of following in her mother’s footsteps, marrying one of the young deacons in the church who will one day become a minister himself…until a social butterfly flutters into her life and changes everything. Sapphira Trowe becomes her biggest influence, persuading her to trade her knit cardigans for lamé skirts and her studying sessions for dorm parties. Reverend Oakes will not hear of Persia’s new social life until a shocking family secret leaves her questioning all she has known to be true. The skirts get shorter, the parties get longer, and the good book gets shelved. Another good girl has gone bad, and she may be gone forever.