• Paranormal

    Their Runaway Mate (Mannix Dragon Shifters Book 1)

    TWO DRAGONS, ONE RUNAWAY MATE Jasmine is just an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world. She bakes, she loves her aunt, and she has vivid nightmares about dragons. So, when she is selected to be “sacrificed” to the beasts, she does the only thing she can… she runs. She runs and runs… straight into the heart of dragon country. How could she not have known? And now she is being pursued by two of the creatures… Except they really don’t seem like “creatures” at all. Particularly when they take their human form. They are sexy and muscled. They are full of heat. And the bastards promise to protect her. How is she supposed to resist all that? ONLY READ IF: You want a steamy read about a woman and the two dragons who are determined to make her their mate. ~~~About the Mannix Dragon Shifters Series Over two decades ago, humans discovered dragons are real. They can take the shape of a man, but they are still beasts in their hearts. To survive and keep them sane, every dragon pair needs a mate… Two males for every woman. But what woman would willing join with two dragons?~~~Books in the Series (Series is complete) 1 – Mating of Convenience (Jasmine, Kylan, Dillon)2 – Snowbound at Solstice: A Christmas Novella (Holly, Ryder, Garryck)3 – Mating of Convenience (Calla, Xander, Kolz)4 – Loving her Dragons (Rose, Zale, Maryk)5 – Her Dragons, Her Mates: A Christmas Novella (Heather, Jay, Bryan) Read more