Young Adult

    Slayer Academy: Secret Shifter

    What will happen if the slayers find out that Kate is really a dog shifter? Kate Canus wants two things: to find a home and to slay vampires. She’s been fending for herself ever since a vampire murdered her mother five years ago. After doing whatever it takes to enroll in Slayer Academy, Kate is thrilled when she is selected. The only problem is, Kate’s a shifter, and Slayer Academy trains students to hunt down paranormal creatures like her. Life as a first-year slayer student means intense physical conditioning, weapons training, and more. When a serial-killing vampire terrorizes town, Kate knows she’s the only one who can stop it. Her shifter senses give her special abilities that the other slayers lack. But is it worth the risk of revealing her secret identity? Study. Slay. Save the day. Welcome to Slayer Academy. Read more