• Young Adult

    Dragon Force: the Complete Series

    In the Dragon Force series, Anira is an outcast, hiding from the chieftain who rules with an iron fist, and the only one who sees him for who he really is. With the survival of her people and the dragons they protect at stake, Anira must decide whether to prioritize her own survival or the greater good, in this action-packed magical adventure. Perfect for readers of all ages.
  • Young Adult

    Magical Arts Academy: Books 1-4

    An ordinary girl, a dream to become extraordinary, and the powers that will lead her to change the world. What would you do if you were invited to study at the Magical Arts Academy?Enroll, of course! Join Isadora and her crew of magical misfits.Embark on a wild adventure today! Omnibus 1 includes books 1-4 of the Magical Arts Academy: First Spell Winged Pursuit Unexpected Agents Improbable Ally About First Spell: Isadora is recruited to attend a secret school of magic. As she makes her way to the academy, a dark sect of sorcerers pursues her relentlessly, willing to use any spell in their vast arsenal of powers to stop her. With the help of Trixie, her horse, a dragon named Humbert, and a clandestine band of magicians, Isadora will work to overcome the sorcerers to begin her education in wizardry. What would you do if you were invited to study at the Magical Arts Academy? Enroll, of course! Join Isadora and her crew of magical misfits today. About Winged Pursuit: The Magical Arts Academy is anything but ordinary. It’s the one place Isadora can learn the forbidden craft. With mythical beasts, animals with unusual gifts, and a team of peculiar magicians, Isadora finally has the chance to embrace an extraordinary future. But is the academy really as safe as Isadora thinks? Or will the Sorcerers find the way to infiltrate its defenses? About Unexpected Agents: The Academy has a new breed of teachers. They transform into the nightmares of legend. But they aren’t Isadora’s greatest concern. The Sorcerers are always one step ahead. And the magicians at the academy are all that prevent them from crushing those without magic. It doesn’t matter that Isadora is new to the world of powers. She’s part of the fight now. She must discover those agents, who threaten them in secret, before it’s too late… or the fight will be over before it’s really begun. About Improbable Ally: When your adversaries are masters of illusion, keep your team close, and your enemies as far away as possible. New students have arrived at the Academy, and unlike Isadora and her brother, they were raised with magic. But even their knowledge of the craft might not be enough to save them from the unrelenting Sorcerers, who will stop at nothing to take down anyone who opposes them. Will Isadora and her friends avoid the traps in their midst? Or will Isadora be forced to fight for their lives with magic she never realized she possessed? *** The Magical Arts Academy is a complete series and consists of 13 episodic installments, each a novella in length. These books are young adult historical fantasy and are suitable for all ages. Each book ends in a cliffhanger, but the series finale wraps up in an uplifting happily-ever-after. *** Read more
  • Young Adult

    Magic Awakens: Special Five-year Anniversary Edition

    In nineteenth century Norland, magic is forbidden, punishable by death. But it’s coming for Clara… Clara was born to the nobility at a time when rank and power are often more valuable than the bonds of family. Her parents have plans for her, none that she wants, all involving her arranged marriage to a suitor selected for her, without her input. From her birth, her entire life has been planned out for her, from lessons with her governess in academics—only what a future wife in society needs to know, of course—to etiquette and needlepoint. Every step of her path is meant to end with her walking down an aisle and then popping out heirs, to eventually begin the cycle anew. Her true feelings shared only with one of her sisters, Clara cringes at the thought of her destiny, doing all she can to accept the fate her parents have chosen for her. Only then, for the first time in her life, something unexpected happens. Clara falls gravely ill, and none of the usual methods, including leeching, can save her. With their daughter on the brink of death, when her future alliance is already settled, her desperate father finally calls on a mysterious man whose expertise is in the banned arts. It’s a dangerous move, one that threatens all that her parents have built. Now, an illegitimate wizard is Clara’s only hope of survival. And under his secret care, an unforeseen side effect develops. Magic awakens in Clara, gifting her with a second chance. Her entire life, she has resisted the lure of magic, doing what has been expected of her. Nothing has prepared her to deny the temptation of the only man willing to save her … from herself. * Magic Awakens is the first book in the Witching World, a complete series of six full-length novels and one prequel novella. These books are young adult historical fantasy and are suitable for all ages. Each book ends in a cliffhanger, but the series finale wraps up in an uplifting happily-ever-after. * The suggested reading order for the Witching World series is the following: Magic Awakens The FIve-Petal Knot The Merqueen The Ginger Cat The Scarlet Dragon Spirit of the Spell – prequel novella Mermagic Read more
  • Paranormal

    Seasoned Magic: a Paranormal Women’s Fiction Anthology

    Midlife can be magical. That’s the idea behind Paranormal Women’s Fiction, where you’ll find women of a certain age kicking ass. These are powerful creatures who know what they want, who they are, and won’t let anything get in their way—not exes or demons, hot flashes, crow’s feet or crime. Dive into this selection of stories from some of today’s best-selling PWF authors (listed in alphabetical order). Lucía Ashta – Smexy Shenanigans (A Witches of Gales Haven Novella) Luanne and Shawna head out of Gales Haven for the day, expecting to drink a little too much and dance the night away. What they don’t expect is to unearth secrets they believed long buried. Secrets that mean a whole new kind of trouble for the Gawama witches. Morgana Best – Sixty, Sassy, and Sleuthing (Colt Calling Horse Rescue Mysteries Prequel) The world is determined to put 60-year-old Cally Colt out to pasture, but she’s no one-trick pony. When she’s suspected of murder, Cally must clear her name, keep a horse rescue financially stable, and stay alive. Will she do it, or is she on a foal’s errand? Annabel Chase – Wet My Plants (The Bloomin’ Psychic) During an overnight visit to a historic house, Mia discovers she isn’t the only thing that goes bump in the night. Renee George – The Importance of Being Gilly Midlife dating is all fun and games until someone falls into the flambé and catches on fire… When Nora Black’s BFF Gilly Martin requests her help, Nora agrees to employ her psychic nose for the good of her bestie’s future. Colleen Helme – License to Steal (A Shelby Nichols Novella) A PI license, a stolen figurine, and the sinister plot behind it… another day for mind-reader, Shelby Nichols, that could be deadly. Shéa MacLeod – Some Enchanted Reading (A Season of the Witch Novella) One unexpected tarot reading, one enchantment gone awry, and one very befuddled witch in dire need of a cocktail. HP Mallory & JR Rain – Black Cat Cocktail Club (A Haven Hollow Story) While brewing potions and boozing with the other ladies of Haven Hollow, Poppy accidentally knocks two potions onto Wanda’s familiar, Hellcat, who immediately vanishes! Soon it becomes a mad dash to find Hellcat in order to reverse whatever magic Poppy inadvertently subjected him to. Rebecca Regnier – Rock of Mages (A Widow’s Bay Short Story) The newest neighborhood in Widow’s Bay is an HGTV addict’s dream! But while the floorplans may be open concept a curse is closing in. Only the empty nest coven can save the sinking shiplap! Christine Zane Thomas – Midlife Matchmaking After exhausting all the dating apps available, Lauren Whittaker tries a spell. Surely, her dating life can’t get any worse. But magic always has a way of complicating things. Nancy Warren – Crossing the Lines (The Vampire Book Club Prequel) Seattle witch Quinn Callahan knew she wasn’t supposed to mess with death. Now, the Grim Reaper’s turned up at her book club and he’s not there for the gossip and the cheese plate. Louisa West – You Look ‘Familiar’ (A Midlife in Mosswood Novella) One near-miss with a kangaroo and vet Veronica’s highschool sweetheart has bounced back into her life. Is this her chance to reconnect with the one that got away, or will he skip town for good and take his strange secret with him? Deborah Wilde – A Deader Shade of Pale (A Magic After Midlife Short) Miriam Feldman had high hopes for her big date, but a body count wasn’t one of them. Now it’s up to her and a grumpy French wolf shifter to hunt the possessed man down before anyone gets hurt.