• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Aftermath (Book 0) – Prologue To The Dark Elsewhere Series: A Cyberpunk Technothriller Short Story

    Is our own dimension the only possible world or are there others, stranger and more terrible than we could ever imagine? Professor Oliver Jefferson has worked on secret research projects for US Military Intelligence for decades without ever needing to ask himself this question. But when he stumbles across the mysterious remains of highly advanced androids of unknown origin, it changes everything. Haunted by dreams of a violent war in a world of AI beings and driven to breaking point by an over-reaching ambition to give true life to his own synthetic humanoids, Jefferson finds himself on the precipice of moral and physical disaster. In some of our world’s great theologies, evil is said to be a sickness of the soul. But androids don’t have souls. Or do they? Here’s what Amazon reviewers have to say: “Aftermath may be a short story in it’s length but it beautifully sets up The Dark Elsewhere series in such an intriguing fashion. The character of Dr. Oliver Jefferson is a scientist that has been given a unique mission by the US Military: an odd explosion has left body parts of an unknown android species that is completely different than the androids Jefferson and his team are involved with. What begins as scientific curiosity becomes an obsessive project that takes over the professor’s day job but his dreams bringing the man close to a mental breakdown. The ending of this story delivers a heck of a shocking twist that you don’t see coming that will make you dive into this series. Harrowing and thought provoking read… highly recommended”.★★★★★- Kindle Reviewer “THIS is how you ‘end’ a series if you ask me. I always enjoy the prequel AFTER to fill in blanks. We find out about Robert Birch’s origins, learn more about Dr. Jefferson, and how much alternate realities exist and can interact. I still feel a little shell shocked at it all. I always wondered how some things came to be, and now I know. This is a must read, before or after the rest of the series, that’s your choice”. ★★★★★- Kindle Reviewer Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Dark Elements: Emergence (Book 0, Prologue), A Near Future Techno-Thriller Series

    There’s only the highlife and the lowlife and your choice is paramount to success. But who says you ever had a decision at all? Detective Atticus Cornwall believed that his choices were always good. Standing up for what is right and against the wrong, no matter the consequence. But when a world elite gets murdered at the edge of the city, and the blame is placed on a man who was not even in the same state, Atticus must make hard decisions to right these wrongs. In this world separated into the privileged, chipped and the lowly unchipped, manipulated by a corrupt powerful technocracy, what will it mean for humanity when injustice is too much to bear? Here’s what Amazon reviewers have to say about the series: “A great thriller to make you think! This was a thriller that has you thinking your choices as it does in the storyline. Our hero always wants the right thing done but in the story it turns out that it’s not that simple. A great story and developed characters.” ★★★★-Kindle Reviewer “An invitation to the dark world of “chipped” humans. This is a prequel for the Dark Elements series. World building sets this story in dark future. Not much character building is necessary as the author relies on a near standard police drama. Readers are rewarded with a good plot and stunning intrigue. Psychology drives the story along with the aid of some futuristic hardware. I enjoyed this short but rewarding read and recommend it to all readers. Personally I will be looking for the rest of the books in the series they should make for some enjoyable reading”. ★★★★★-Kindle Reviewer “What a fantastic and fast paced book. Very good. It left me absolutely wanting to read the next book and find out what happens outside of the wall”. ★★★★-Kindle Reviewer