• Paranormal

    Dark Symmetry: a Paranormal Romance

    Ripped from her celestial home by a dark spell gone wrong, an angel risks everything to save hundreds of human lives. Lilin is forced to do the unthinkable: she must work with the demon Abigor to bring balance back to Earth. Drawn to his mysterious strength, she finds herself unable to ignore the sparks between them. But there’s a reason angels and demons are forbidden from crossing paths… Will they triumph, or will the flames of their passion destroy them both? Dark Symmetry is the prequel to the Demons of Velarta, a reverse harem paranormal romance series. Read more
  • Romance

    Maybe It’s You

    What if you could have everything you ever wanted…but only for one night? Ellen’s not looking for love. And if she were, it sure as hell wouldn’t be in tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Fairfield, Indiana. But when a summer rainstorm and her car (that’s admittedly seen better days) conspire against her, sexy bookstore owner Sam is there to help her out. And ruin all of her plans. Too bad she’ll be gone by morning. Unless he can convince her otherwise. Unless he can convince her their obvious incompatibilities aren’t so incompatible after all. She doesn’t think he can do it—after all she’s got a life behind her and dreams ahead, and Fairfield isn’t even a blip on her radar. But she’s happy to let him try. Maybe It’s You is the first of the Fairfield Romances, a series of standalone stories set in the sleepy, sweet but sexy town of Fairfield, Indiana.