• Paranormal

    Drug (Kassidy Bell Series Book 1)

    Out of work and out of luck, nineteen year-old, Kassidy Bell finds herself in desperate need of money. Coming across a mysterious advert in the local newspaper offering a financial reward for taking part in a clinical drug trail, Kassidy believes she has found the answer to her prayers. But during the drug trial something goes terribly wrong. Kassidy and the other volunteers witness strange and terrifying events. What Kassidy can’t be sure of is whether what she has seen is real or nightmarish hallucinations. Kassidy only begins to believe that the nightmare she now finds herself in is real when she realises the medical trial has changed her. Finding herself in a desperate situation, Kassidy knows she must run but where can she hide if the monster she is trying to escape from is living inside of her… ‘Drug’ (Book One) a new paranormal series from debut author Lynda O’Rourke.