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    Home Improvement: Six Steps to Saving Money Before Taking the Big Plunge

    Thinking about adding on? Renovating? New kitchen? Dormer? Peek behind the curtain of the construction industry. If you’re a homeowner, landlord, house flipper or property manager contemplating major work, this will save you thousands.These six chapters are excerpts from the book "Contractor Heaven." That book sheds light on selecting, hiring and managing contractors for everything from half-day projects to home additions. The Six Steps here apply mainly to large projects lasting longer than two weeks.Contractor Heaven also provides dozens of free or low cost design features to ask for during wall-removing renovations, ergonomic improvements that will create a feeling of luxury. Contents: 1. Why Asking for 30% off—and Getting It—Means You’re Still Being Overcharged 2. Five Little-Known Truths about Contractors 3. Renovate, Add On, or Move? 4. Being Your Own General Contractor 5. The Building Inspector 6. Buying Components Yourself When hiring contractors, be brave, have self-confidence and wear the cloak of your authority. Don’t waste your time reading about projects gone into the ditch; learn how to keep yours on the road.