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    Nothing but Darkness (Darkness Series Book 1)

    He’s becoming more comfortable in the dark than you are in the light. Aidan Sheppard has always resisted his darker urges—only the violent ones, he’d never deny himself anything sexual—until one night when he goes too far. Way too far. It doesn’t matter that what he did was a horrible, bloody accident; it still happened, and he can’t escape the consequences. Now he must choose between the morality that’s expected of him, and what the depraved release truly wants. But as bloody fantasies flood his mind, Aidan struggles to find control. Desire taking over, he dives deeper into his darker side. His best friend and coworkers remain unaware of the calculating criminal he’s become in the hours between work and his drunken escapades. Aidan analyzes, fuels the cruel fire inside him, prepares, and uses logic and preparation as only two of the many weapons at his disposal. His dangerous creativity grows as well until he hits a dangerous snag that threatens to expose him and obliterate the dark empire he’s built. Paranoia and stress chip away at his confidence, but he must stay in control long enough to cover his tracks, or he risks his freedom, as well as his life. This new edition includes two new chapters not previously included in the original release! *Content Warning: graphic violence — and lots of it — manipulative behavior, sexual content, and language* Read more