• Young Adult

    Samson (The Eastwood Series Book 1)

    Samson Maddox Samson Maddox’s life was straight out of a fairy tale. He was good-looking, popular, and destined for the NFL. His family had money and he had a brother he’d do anything for. His friends were loyal and there was never a shortage of girls willing to keep him entertained. So, why was the high school senior with the seemingly perfect life such a brooding jackass? Well, just because it looks like you have everything that doesn’t necessarily mean that you do. Mackenzie Harden Mackenzie Harden’s life was straight out of a nightmare. Known as the beautiful girl with the purple eyes, everyone thought she had it made with her popularity and football star boyfriend. However, her life was anything but perfect. With a deadbeat dad and a single hard-working mother, Mackenzie did her best to stay out of trouble and make her mother proud. So, when her shameful secret comes out, tough choices need to be made, and Mackenzie needs to be strong enough to make them. With a new start on the horizon, Mackenzie learns the hard way that the past is never really in the past. And now, she has to find the courage to do the right thing. With everything Samson has ever wanted finally within his grasp, he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. And he’ll destroy anyone who dares to threaten that. Mackenzie wasn’t looking to be save, but Samson was going to do it anyway. Note: This book touches on delicate topics. If you are sensitive to physical abuse, please do not purchase or read.