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    Best Ways to Invest in Gold for Beginners: Quick Guide for Learning and Investing in Gold.: … Gifts

    Gold has kept a great value for thousands of years, and until this day it still occupies this high position, due to its properties that make it at the forefront of precious metals. As it still retains its value throughout the ages, and the belief that is embedded in people’s minds is that gold is the only way to pass and conserve wealth from one generation to another. In times of political and economic tension as well as natural disasters, investors resort to buying gold as a safe haven in the markets and as a store of value, and it is also used as a hedge against high inflation. If you want gold to be part of your investment portfolio, you can choose from several investment options in gold, each of which has different investment characteristics. In this book, we offer many ways to invest in gold, tips to make the greatest possible start and the guide by which you can avoid fraud. We hope that we could help you, best of luck!