• Paranormal

    Blood Claim (Half-Blood Princess #1) (Half-Blood Princess series)

    What’s a girl to do when vampires are breathing down her neck?Run.Half-blood vampire princess, Sophia Daletsky, has had enough. Oppressive family, cruel brother, and a love-sick ex… Yeah, it was time to run.And that’s just what Sophia did for eight months. That is until she came upon Maldera Springs, but secrets run deep in the historic, little southern town. Secrets that will change Sophia forever.Tavian and Dante Baikov, have been protecting Maldera Springs, and those who call it home, for years. When a mysterious stranger appears in their town, the brothers are curious and intrigued, there is something unique, yet almost familiar about the dark-haired beauty.Knowing some secrets are meant to remain hidden, Sophia is forced to decide between saving herself, following her heart, or protecting what the town has kept safe for centuries. Start the Half-Blood Princess series today and find out what secrets lie in the bloodlines of the vampires and humans that call Maldera Springs home.