• Young Adult

    Chase Tinker and the House of Magic

    Sure, my Chase Tinker book isMG/Tween, but so is Harry Potter and you liked him, didn't you? So what are youwaiting for? Another thrilling, magical journey is waiting for you… Join Chase Tinker and his family and friends for some wildand crazy supernatural escapades while living in a gigantic, 560 year oldmagical house where magic, adventure, excitement, and danger can be found aroundnearly every corner. Root for Chase in his pursuit of a way to outwit, out-magic,and outmaneuver dangerous and wicked villains who are planning to destroythe Tinkers and get control of this incredible and unique house. Be on the edge of your seat as Chase searches for hismissing dad, fights through frightening family secrets and betrayals, and trieshis best to save his family, his house, and the world. It's an adventure for the ages, and for all ages. Don't missit. In just moments, it can be on an ereader near you.