• Historical Fiction

    Scoundrels of the Court: Lady Margery’s Lover: a Historical Romance Series

    Introducing “Scoundrels of the Court: Lady Margery’s Lover” Discover The Best Historical Romance Series by Bestselling Author Mary Scott! A feisty girl with copper hair was born on a mild summer’s day to disappointed parents who were expecting a male heir to claim the Highrell inheritance. Young Margery Parnell is raised by her Uncle, Lord of Highrell, to inherit the family’s namesake Manor. During a banquet hosted by young Margery’s uncle, a fateful meeting with the Bennett family sparks a decade-long friendship between Margery and Thomas Bennett. Margery and Thomas’ friendship blossoms into a young romance, and they experience all of the bliss a new love brings before the conflict of religion gets in the way. Get this Book FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Get this Historical Romance Series Now!