• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Nobility (The Dystopian King Book 1)

    It was the bank robbery that set a city ablaze. One-hundred and fifty years ago, war destroyed modern civilization. In its place arose an Empire where the genetically superior rule the world. With humanity genetically segregated, power belongs to the Nobles who rule over the Outcasts through oppression and violence. Griffon Nightlock, an Outcast, survives by stealing from the rich and keeping it for himself. But when Griffon’s latest bank heist leads to discovering plans to blow up the city, Griffon must ask himself if it’s time to leave his life of villainy behind and become a hero. In order to save others, he will have to change everything about himself. Scorned because of his genetic coding. Envied by his peers. Griffon finds few allies and plenty of enemies in his pursuit of justice. Now thrown into a sea of dangerous foes around every corner looking to profit off him, Griffon must race against the clock to stop a terrorist from setting ablaze everything he loves. But can you really change who you are? If you enjoy books by Jim Butcher, Mark Lawrence, Suzanne Collins and Pierce Brown, then you’ll love Nobility and the rest of The Dystopian King series. Will Griffon be able to outrun his past and save his city, or will he find the past has a way of holding you back? Read to find out! Read more