• Paranormal

    Promised to the Night: a Mate Games Pestilence Prequel

    Gavin I am the Duke of Tears, known for my skill with a whip and my penchant for pain. I never wanted a wife. I wanted a submissive. But it would seem, what I want and what is required of me are two different things. Vampire politics are a lot like those of Regency England, and now that Roslyn Blackthorne has thrown herself at my feet to save her family, I understand duty better than I ever thought I would. Although, she does look so pretty on her knees for me. Perhaps it does not need to be either or. This marriage could be convenient in more ways than one. Rosie I shouldn’t like to see my new husband’s predilections on display, but when I uncover his dark secrets, all I can focus on is how badly I want to be on the other end of his whip’s lash. Gavin was supposed to be nothing more than a way to end our families’ centuries-long feud. Instead, he’s opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed. One I long for. I’d thought becoming a Donoghue would require sacrifice, but if my body craves what only he can give me, is it really? His family is twisted, but the connection we share might make it all worthwhile. The real question is, do I stay and become his duchess, or do I save myself from them, and run? Promised to the Night is the prequel to a spicy new why choose series from USA Today Bestselling authors K. Loraine and Meg Anne set in their bestselling Mate Games Universe. Are you ready to play? Read more
  • Horror

    The Dreamer: a Keepers Story

    Kieran, crown prince of Eatos, has everything. And nothing. The glitter and sparkle of the royal court only serves to conceal a harrowing life and a deep secret that will cost Kieran his title and the love of his family. It’s a secret he thinks he can keep. But somethings can’t remain hidden.