• Young Adult

    The Intrusion: An Apocalyptic EMP Survival Novel (Savage Worlds)

    The end of her world is just the beginning. Nearing high school graduation, Tilly Morgan’s eager to leave her small Texas town. Armed with a plan to start fresh with her older sister in Florida, her dreams are obliterated when an electromagnetic pulse ravages the planet, rendering the world’s electrical grid useless and throwing Tilly’s community into chaos. No technology. No modern conveniences. No power. Widespread panic tears across the country and roving bands of looters and rioters overpower the weak to take what they want. Max Jacobsen, Callahan High School’s bad boy troublemaker, teams up with Tilly in a bid for survival and protection. There’s more to Max than he shows and Tilly finds herself drawn to his quiet strength and morally ambiguous ways. Their constant companionship creates a strong bond of friendship… and maybe something more. Braving each incoming threat together, Tilly and Max learn what it means to protect the ones they love. But when black spaceships descend from the sky, an even greater threat looms over mankind—a fate far worse than the loss of electricity. *This is the prequel to the Savage Worlds Series, which starts with The Descendant by Melissa Riddell. Read more