• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Rage (Alien Breed 1 – English Edition)

    While young Jessie Colby cleans for Dexter Medical Industry, she accidentally stumbles over a man in chains who claims to be a hybrid between human and alien. His aggressive behavior frightens her, but she can’t just ignore his abuse, so she takes his picture and reports his fate to the media. Ten years later, Jessie signs a contract to work as a doctor in the West-Colony on planet Eden, where the Alien Breeds live since their rescue. All those years she couldn’t forget the man in chains. But when she stands before him again, he is not happy at all to see her.Years of abuse and pain lay behind Rage, but what tortures him most, is his memory of the beautiful young woman who worked for DMI. Even ten years after, she still hounds him in his sleep. Then she suddenly stands right in front of him. Finally he could make her pay for what she did to him, but when he has her at his mercy, killing her is the last thing on his mind. His beast wants her. But if he looses control of his alien side, the fragile human could end up hurt or dead. The lieutenant took my hand and led me to the dance floor. He turned out to be a good dancer. With ease he whirled me across the dance floor so that people soon made room to watch us. I had more fun than I’ve had in a long time and was all smiles. My smile froze when I was suddenly ripped from the Lieutenant’s arms and collided with a hard body.“Hey!”, Lieutenant Green said and stood up to Rage, who had pushed me behind him, and I realized with horror where this was going.Not another fight!“Jessie is off-limits,” Rage growled warningly. “Have I made myself clear? I’m taking her home now. She had too much to drink and I won’t let some son of a bitch think he can take advantage of her!” “She’s a grown woman and doesn’t need a babysitter”, said Lieutenant Green. “Now fuck off!”I grabbed Rage’s arm and forced myself between them.“Please”, I said. “No pressure. Thank you for the dance, Lieutenant Green”, I said to the Lieutenant, then I turned to Rage. “If you want to take me home that’s fine, but we have to talk!”Rage glanced at the lieutenant, then he nodded, and I breathed a sigh of relief. He grabbed me by the arm and led me to the door. Outside I tore myself away from him and glared at him angrily.“What was that all about? Have you lost your mind?”“You are drunk”, Rage replied, and grabbed me to pull me along with him. Furiously I stumbled after him.“So what”, I asked. “Why do you care if I’m drunk or not?”I braced myself against his pull and he paused and stared at me. “I’m not gonna let anyone take advantage of you, Jessie. I will tuck you into bed where you belong!”I leaned against him and looked up. “Are you going to keep me company in bed?” I asked, made brave by the alcohol.“No”, Rage growled, but I could feel his erection as I pressed my body closer to his. He took a breath and I saw something flashing in his eyes. “I want it, Rage”, I said in a hoarse voice and I meant every word of it. “Fuck me!” “I said NO”, he growled and pushed me away to keep me at arm’s length. “You will go to bed, like I said, and get some sleep. I am the last one who would take advantage of your … situation.”“Situation?!” I exclaimed upset. “You think if I was sober, I wouldn’t want to fuck you?” “You’re the most exhausting damn woman I’ve ever met”, he said pressingly. “Everything would be so much easier if you got used to doing what’s right.”“And what would that be?” I asked snippily.“You do what I tell you. It’s that simple!”I laughed mockingly.“Do what you say?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.“Right”, he said coldly. “And now you will come with me and don’t bitch with me anymore, otherwise I’ll bend you over my knee and give you what you deserve!”“Maybe I’d like that”, I teased him.