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    Mozzi Presents: My Friends Help People: Dog Stories for Kids Teaching About Giving

    Dogs can teach us so much about true love and expressing feelings Merav Gamliel Boschan introduces you to the free Children’s Book about the Power of giving and empowering others, through stories about dogs that help people, such as Service and Therapy Dogs. The story of this kid-friendly book revolves around the protagonist – Mozzi, the dog, introducing his dog friends, who lovingly and with sensitivity help the humans around them, both children and adults, overcome their difficulties and fears. Giving and mutual cooperation help characters experience great joy, optimism, and other positive emotions which will also resonate with readers. Like the other books in the kids nursery rhymes series, the verses, delightful illustrations and the poems for kids offer a magical, fun experience, while also teaching kids emotions and positive values for life. The third book of Kids Rhyme Series Mozzi Presents: My friends Help People is all that is required to let your kids adopt excellent manners at an early age. So what are you waiting for? Get the e-book now for free on Kindle App or get the Paperback version delivered at your doorstep!