• Historical Fiction

    Roger Ascham and the Dead Queen’s Command

    A special sequel to The Tournament from Australia's favourite novelist and the author of both the Scarecrow and Jack West Jr series. When her life is threatened by an anonymous assassin, the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth I knows there is only one man she can trust to find the killer before he strikes: her unorthodox childhood tutor and mentor, Roger Ascham.
  • Religion & Spirituality

    Millionaire Soldier: Her Marine Hero: a Love Worth Waiting for

    A CHRISTIAN MILITARY ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY SERIES Millionaire Soldier: Her Marine Hero-Novelette He’s dreaming of a woman who will love him and not his money. She’s dreaming of something more than a ranch life. Two Believers looking for each other without knowing it and a chance encounter that changes everything. After the woman he wanted to marry broke his heart, young multimillionaire and businessman James Greyson decides to join the Marines. A true romantic disappointed in love, heartbroken and betrayed, he escapes in hopes that his broken heart will heal. James and his brother Alex have already suffered enough after the death of their parents. Will boot camp in San Diego will help him find what he’s looking for? Victoria Martinez, a God loving woman has always dreamed of something more than the ranch life in Ohio. After getting her bachelor’s degree at an early age, she joins the Officer Candidate School for the Marines in the hope that it will bring her something more. However, after her father dies of a heart attack a year later, she can’t stop blaming herself for it. Victoria seeks redemption in a children’s group at church, and solace on a beach that makes her feel connected to God – and finds a young, broke Marine just out of boot camp. Instantly drawn to each other, they’re soon to face their trials: a horrifying accident that puts Victoria’s mother in the hospital that forces her to hurry back home…to the family that still hasn’t forgiven her, and a fire on the military ship where James is deployed. Will Victoria finally forgive herself and have peace with her family? Will James make it out alive out of the burning ship to tell Victoria who he really is? Will these trials bring them closer to each other, or separate them forever, just when they’ve found true love? And will they both continue to trust God or will their faith be shaken? Other books in the Millionaire Solider Christian Romance Anthology Series: 1.Her Marine Hero (FREE book)2.Her Army Hero3.Her Navy Hero4.Her Air Force Hero5.Her Coast Guard Hero Enjoy this Christian Military Romance read today!