• Romance

    Captivated by Her True Heart: A Historical Western Romance Book

    At the age of four, Florrie Hicks witnesses the murder of her parents by a stranger in the middle of a violent Texas rainstorm. Growing up in an orphanage, she can’t wait to make her own way in the world. Hoping to find a better future, she answers an ad from a rancher who needs help caring for his siblings and ailing mother. Florrie proves to be an ideal housekeeper and finds herself responding to this guarded man with admiration and affection. After meeting his best friend though she feels the earth slip beneath her feet, suddenly flooded with painful memories… With her feelings for her employer growing stronger by the day, can she trust him with hard truths about the past that could tear them apart? After the sudden death of his father, Zachariah Adams is having a tough time managing his ranch and family issues, while also nursing a broken heart. Putting up an ad for help seems to be the only solution to his problems. Meeting Florrie leaves Zach not only charmed by her kindness but also intrigued by her enigmatic nature. Although he is determined to protect his heart from falling in love, before he knows it he becomes increasingly close to Florrie. Yet the peculiarly tense relationship she has with his best friend leaves him feeling worried. With his heart on the line and troubling questions about his friend being raised, will Zach ever be able to imagine a life with Florrie? The relationship between Florrie and Zach grows stronger and soon a beautiful connection between them is formed. Florrie wants to trust Zach with her secret, but she is unsure whether he will believe her… Much as each yearns toward the other, a painful past will need to be faced before a future can even be possible. Will their relationship survive everything that stands between them and threatens their blossoming love? “Captivated by Her True Heart” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Read more