• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Dragon Cursed Series Box Set: Books 1-2 (Dragon Cursed Series Box Sets Book 1)

    Dragon Cursed Worst. Senior. Skip. Day. Ever. Senior skip day. Things that can go wrong: An explosion renders your hometown into a war zone. Your twelve-year old brother vanishes. The place your brother vanished in is full of dragons. The guy that helps you find your brother is hot. But he has wings. And scales. Yeah, he’s a dragon. And, oh yeah, those dragons think you’re their salvation. And by the way, you’re invited to a ball, in your honor. Meanwhile your hometown is still in ruins. Worst. Senior. Skip. Day. Ever. Exactly. Dragon Fated Out of the frying pan, into the fire. What happens when one hot dragon turns into two? What happens when you have feelings for both, one who is supposed to be your sworn enemy and the other who is the son of the man you can’t trust? Lily finds herself out of the majestic city of dragons and in a frozen tundra, where not only the environment is hostile but so are many of the inhabitants. She’s introduced to new forces and old allies as she tries to maneuver through the new expectations her role calls for. Now she’s got to figure out which dragon to trust, and which dragon to give her heart to.