• Horror

    Dragon Caller (Rise of the Archmage Book 1)

         Imprisoned for over nine hundred years, the sorcerer, Ravin Dar, is finally free. With his newfound freedom he plans to raise a mythical beast from a long slumber and destroy all that ever stood against him, yet there are those that will oppose him.      Salen Valari, elven wizard and would be archmage, is destined for greatness. Along with the dark-skinned half-elf, Somrael, and the female elven warrior Shyi-Lhanna, they feel the pull of fate as they are hurled together to face off against one of the most powerful figures time has forgotten.      Swords, sorcery, and sarcasm abound as they travel towards the fate of Erendor and only the gods-in-the-sky know how it will all end. Read more