• Young Adult

    The Follow Through

    After years of being apart, childhood friends Tatum and Robin find themselves in the same high school at the start of their senior year, completely disrupting their worlds. Tatum is a carefree wallflower, while Robin is a popular star athlete who cares about what others think. Despite their differences, the girls still think about the almost-kiss from their childhood, but taking the risk could have disastrous consequences.
  • Young Adult

    Never the Same

    College junior, Paige Galner, is known around campus as the authority on all things lesbian and proudly broadcasts her beliefs on her popular blog, including her misguided belief that lesbians should never get involved with bisexual women. This is because Paige thinks bisexual women can’t be trusted. Paige is annoyingly uncompromising in her views. Not even her friends can get her to be more open-minded. That is until they introduce her to freshman, Lennox Hansford. Terrified that her dedicated followers will think she’s a hypocrite, Paige tries to ignore her attraction to the captivating, openly bisexual woman at first. But the more Paige gets to know Lennox, the more she begins to question her assumptions about bisexuality. There’s no denying that Paige and Lennox are drawn to each other, but it won’t lead to anything unless Paige can learn how to overcome her fears and her pride. Will Lennox be the person who can teach Paige that—when it comes to love—the heart does not discriminate? Never the Same is a coming-of-age book about acceptance and the importance of questioning harmful stereotypes within the queer community in order to truly make room for equality and love. Read more