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    Robin Hood & his Merry Men: A Mashed Myths Mini-book

    The medieval story of Robin Hood and his merry band of outlaws told as it has never been told before – for laughs! Find out: If Robin Hood preferred cupcakes or pancakes? What happened to King John’s pants? Why the chicken actually crossed the road. (Hint: It’s not what you think!) MASHED MYTHS is Percy Jackson meets fractured fairy tales. In this hilarious story, Robin Hood and his merry men battle it out with the wicked Prince John. MASHED MYTHS: Robin Hood is perfect for reluctant readers, emerging readers getting started on chapter books and anyone, child or adult, who loves to laugh. If you want to share a laugh with a child in your life this is the book for you. MASHED MYTHS are myths made mad, the perfect way to introduce kids to the wonderful and magical world of myths and legends. If you’d like to read more Mashed Myths just search for Mashed Myths in Amazon. Read more