• Paranormal

    Wicked Truth (Wicked Magic Book 1)

    As a child I believed in magic. As a woman, I believe only in the power within me. The Duke of Denforth has made me his bride, and from him I’ve received so much more than the title of Duchess. It seems the world is full of wonders beyond any fantasy, and instead of one husband I now have three:  the Duke and my guardians, Moses and Liam. The scandalous passion I share with these men is white hot and undeniable, each of them seeking to explore my every secret. But when a sinister force who would use my power for evil takes me from them, it will be up to me and me alone to embrace who I am, and harness my gifts once and for all.   I am Lily Archer:  Duchess, wife, lover, dragon charmer, undefeatable warrior. And nothing I’ve ever feared will keep me from returning home to the men I love. Read more