• Romance

    One Jingle or Two

    Breast cancer survivor, Alora Kingsley is fierce and brave…a warrior by all accounts. Then why does she feel like the only thing people see is her missing boob? So, when Nate Ward shows up at her door with his eyes all but falling out of their sockets, she slams the door in his face. Too bad he’s the blind date her best friend set her up with—and the hottest thing walking the cobblestones of Cape Van Buren. Nathaniel Ward makes no mistake when it comes to love. It’s not for him. Not with the illness in his family genetics, but when his well-meaning best friend sets him up with a sexy, firecracker, she challenges him in all the best ways. Facing what he believes about love becomes a bigger challenge than the Jingle Balls ball he’s organizing to raise money for the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. The most ridiculous blind date in history soon becomes the perfect answer to a very important question: One Jingle…or two? *From the USA Today Bestselling anthology Jingle Balls! Read more