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    Pomeranian Puzzle: a Small Town Cozy Mystery

    When Hannah Hart moves to the small town of Apple Blossom Bay to look after her eccentric aunt, she doesn’t expect the first thing she finds to be a murder. Apple Blossom Bay is known for its fresh seafood and peaceful beaches, so when Hannah uncovers a dead body on her first day in town, she doesn’t know who to trust. While her aunt has a questionable alibi, every claim out of her mouth is wilder than the last. The only friend Hannah can rely on is the stray dog who was found at the scene of the crime. With a sweet toy Pomeranian in need of a new home, and Hannah in need of a friend she can trust, the two team up to figure out who could possibly have murdered a resident of Apple Blossom Bay. If she doesn’t get to the bottom of who murdered Barb, Hannah is positive she will be on next on the killer’s list. “Pomeranian Puzzle” is an inclusive cozy mystery filled with layered clues and quirky moments, written by Molly Maple, which is a pen name for a USA Today bestselling author. Read more