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    A Relentless Pursuit of the Truth!: a Philosophical Guide to Living a Life of Fulfilment and Meaning

    A refreshing and inspiring book on how to turn a deep emotional crisis into the greatest triumph to create a life of massive success on your own terms and establish deeply meaningful life! This book includes some of my insights and understanding that I acquired through experience in my overall journey, in addition to the understanding that I acquired by exposing myself to the works and materials of some the greats in the field of life mastery from all across. My goal has been simple: to increase my level of joy, fulfillment, and contentment, which essentially boils down to my ability to acquire some level of mastery over my emotions and my weaker self! My idea is simply to share my understanding and insights to propel the reader towards their own journey of self-exploration, which in turn might enable them to come up with their own flavor of what works best for them. These points are based out of my story and my individual understanding. This book is a deep reflection on some of the non obvious principles born purely out of application and not theory. This includes a rare glimpse on our inner self, human nature, ways of the world and why we do what we do. I have written about the principles that have worked for me, over and over again. However, this is not a purely philosophical guidebook filled with self-help tactics. The lessons and the philosophies are centered around my own story and there is an external component to every bit of internal exploration, so the book is a dance between the external and the internal (with major emphasis on the internal principles and takeaways). Order your copy now and learn how you too can start building towards a life of massive success, no matter the setbacks! Read more