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    Clan: Crystal Rose Trilogy Book One

    Legends of the Forbidden CityWinter-Age ChroniclesCrystal Rose Trilogy Book OneClan You’ve never heard of the Bergrof Islands. The islands, which its people refer to as the Three Sisters, are located east of Boston. It’s not on maps, it’s not in encyclopedias. Independent of the United States, these three islands are one of the largest oil sources of the United States. These Islands, which could be reached by ferries and seaplanes, had a prestigious College, and Beatrice Hallburn was the most popular girl of this College. She had a rich family, a good education, a handsome and popular boyfriend. Everyone liked her, loved her, wanted to be like her. Miss Hallburn was safe and at peace. But everything was changing; people were going crazy, brutally attacking each other. Airports were closing, the United States Army was conducting operations somewhere every day, and government officials and insightful people were beginning to get nervous. These were, in fact, portents of a great storm, but almost no one, like Beatrice, cared about those. Almost none of them were prepared for what could happen to them. Bergrof was far enough from those events.Beatrice believed that nothing would change and that her carefree, beautiful life would always go like this. But over time, everything will change, she will realize that nothing is as it seems. It happens to all of us, usually with small events, we start to notice it. Someone’s death, accidents, stormy love affairs… Beatrice, unfortunately, was not so lucky. The threshold for change that came to her was a nuclear bomb that exploded in New York. Their communications with the World have been cut off. All they could learn was that after this attack, infected people attacked their victims in droves and tore them apart… As Beatrice tried to survive in the reformed world, she would also rediscover herself and her feelings. The Crystal Rose Trilogy novels are a part of the Legends of the Forbidden City cosmos and the events in the books happen in the Winter-Age era. The story in this trilogy is in line with the other books of the same cosmos and era.