• Paranormal

    The Line in the Fire (Bullets and Bonds Book 1)

    One breath, one touch, and I knew… he would be the death of me. To my sisters, I’m Cammy. To the rest of the world, I’m Cameron Hale, a gunslinger born into a legacy of blood and secrets. People know my name. They know my title. But if anyone ever learns the truth about me and my misfiring magic, everyone I care about will be in danger. Except someone already knows. Declan. The monster who murdered my mother. After trailing him for months, sifting through the ashes left in his destructive wake, I’m finally close to catching him. So close I can taste the gunpowder in the air. And the last thing I need is a guy like Luke Kendrick crashing in and blowing my life wide open. Luke might come off like a boy scout, but there’s a threat lurking under that easy smile. He’s chasing a vendetta of his own. He’s cocky and relentless. And the way he looks at me… I don’t trust him. I’m not sure I trust myself around him. One touch is all it takes to know letting him into my world is a terrible idea. But when my mission goes sideways and I have no one else to turn to, teaming up with the one man who can ruin everything might just be my only hope. — The Line in the Fire is powerful, slow burn romance loaded with gritty action, misfiring magic, and characters who put it all on the line to protect the ones they love. Intended for mature readers. Read more