• Young Adult

    BAD BOY ROMANCE: The “It” Crowd: The Wildest Sex Lives on Campus

    There’s one group of hot guys at school that are legendary players and all the girls want them but have no idea how crazy their sex lives really are. Sky, Brock and Vince are the hottest guys in school and they are out for themselves. They are in school for one reason, to get laid and they make it their full time job. Girls in school know about their reputation but they still can’t resist because they want bragging rights. A local party blows up when people hear the it crowd is rolling in. Their crew are all models and always skip class. One bad chick from Venezuela doesn’t fall for their game and quickly becomes their irresistible target because she requires a chase. Will she be able to reveal the popular crowd’s ugly side to the other students, ruin her own reputation trying to do the right thing or will she join in on the fun?
  • Paranormal

    Paranormal Romance: Paranormal Vacation to New Orleans: Underground Seduction

    Twins Rita and Glendora take a spontaneous vacation to New Orleans and get mixed up in an underground paranormal society when they are drawn to two attractive but mysterious musicians. It’s time for Mardi Gras and two sexy identical twins decide to take a spring break trip to the infamous New Orleans. When they meet two sexy musicians with strange accents they decide to join them at their heavy metal concert which leads them to an underground society of paranormal shifters. The girls are seduced by these magicians who convince them to stay in the underworld. When the twins don’t return from spring break, their parents contact the FBI. Will the girls stay with their lovers in the underworld or will they escape back to the real world?