• Horror

    Mutation (Blood Survivors Book 1)

    Bitten. Infected. Turned. Cured. Alex survived the virus that turns its victims into mindless flesh-eaters, but it left him mutated, with super-human strength and white eyes. Feared and despised. The world has lived with the virus for thirteen years, but now a new strain is turning thousands into ravenous monsters, faster than ever before. And Alex is trapped right in the middle of the outbreak. Forced into a precarious alliance with a man who hates people like him, he must fight his way across a city overrun with hordes of eaters to discover the truth about this new strain. Before the uninfected become too outnumbered to survive. Alex may be their only hope. Because the best person to fight the monsters is someone who’s been one. Mutation is the first book in a fast-moving, action-filled series that turns the zombie apocalypse on its head. If you like thrilling, original sci-fi, you’ll love Mutation. Read more