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    Nightfall: A Dark Mafia Romance (Tsezar Bratva Book 1)

    I just discovered the don’s darkest secret. Wait ‘til he finds out mine… The Bratva don and I made a deal:Spare my father. Take me instead. But Dmitry Tsezar wasn’t satisfied with my body.He wanted everything else, too.My obedience. My submission.My heart. My soul. And when that still wasn’t enough, he came to take my life. But then I found something.Something twisted. Something wrong.Something hidden in a locked room of his mansion, in a wing he warned me never, ever to wander near. When I opened the door and discovered Dmitry’s secret…Everything changed forever. This is book 1 of the Tsezar Bratva duet! The second and final book, Daybreak, is available now!