• Horror

    Of Ruin and Robberies (Once Upon a Darkened Night)

    Can the prince of thieves save the slave-woman he loves in this twisted take on Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves? Enjoy this twisted fairy tale that kicks off the Once Upon a Darkened Night fairy tale series where the villain is now the hero. Read more
  • Young Adult

    A Question of Faith (Magic Incarnate Book 1)

    It’s not every day you learn you’re the incarnation of magic. After learning her birth mother sought the help of witches to conceive her, fifteen-year-old Crystal’s previously unwavering faith is shaken. God hasn’t been answering her prayers like she thought–she was. Crystal’s limitless magical potential is put to the test when her boyfriend’s mother is in a life-threatening accident. Surely God won’t mind her using magic to help people, but the miraculous outcome leaves Crystal wondering what she is capable of and worrying that her magic will damn her to Hell or, worse, prove she has no soul to condemn. After her aunt is threatened, Crystal sets out to master her power, but flying and conjuring fireballs attract dangerous attention. A witch hunter kidnaps her boyfriend, and shamans and witches hunt Crystal, desperate to use her to end a centuries-old war between the supernatural races. Her magic is an uncontrollable time bomb. If Crystal can’t figure out what she’s capable of, she won’t just fail to protect those she loves and end the war–she might start the apocalypse.