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    Rocky Road to Durban – a Sweet and Cozy Mystery Romance Prequel: Deception in Durban Series Prequel

    Lea and Aaron’s passionate romance takes a turn when his judgmental mother enters the picture, leaving Lea to wonder if love can conquer all. Follow their exciting journey through mystery and secrets in the exotic setting of Durban, South Africa in this prequel to the Deception in Durban series. Don’t miss out on the thrilling adventures and unexpected twists to come!
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    Half-baked Love: Darling Point Prequel

    She’s been enchanted by his charisma and good looks for too long, but for what? He won’t commit to something more, but he’s not about to let her go. Cade takes my hand, and my breath catches. Was he about to propose? What would I say? Was I really ready to take this step even though I’d thought about it so often? Ava has long dreamed of owning her own bakery. That and marrying her gorgeous boyfriend of three years would make her the luckiest girl in the world. So when Cade tells Ava that he wants to make her dreams come true she is over-the-moon delighted and can’t wait to begin on this new adventure with him. That is until a series of events leave her doubting Cade’s true intentions and she is forced to choose between her dreams and the life she’d always thought was her destiny. Will Ava find a way to make a life with Cade as perfect as she had hoped? Half-baked Love is the prequel to The Baker and the Beast, book one in the Darling Point Series. Read more
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    Runaway Heart: Sunset Cliffs Series Prequel

    She’s running away from a love she thought was forever. But is she making the right choice? Yearning for experiences beyond her cozy Californian beachside upbringing, Shannon breaks the heart of her high school sweetheart and heads for the bright lights and adventures of a life in the city. Immediately immersing herself in the vibrant subcultures of New York City, Shannon soon meets an intriguing musician named Lucas. Their connection is electric and instantaneous. Shannon has found her new path and life is incredible. Until jealousy and a longing to return to her Californian roots creeps in and threatens to derail the love between Shannon and Lucas. Can the rock star and the California girl make this work?Or are their true paths destined to drive them apart? Runaway Heart is the prequel to Scarlett Catalina – Book One in the Sunset Cliffs Series. Read more